Monday, August 19, 2013

To swag or not to swag - that is the question

  What is your favorite swag?

I see authors all over Facebook giving away swag - keychains, bookmarks, and other items depicting their latest books.  Does this really help their book sales?

As the publication of my first novel, Saving Cassie, looms ever closer I have been wondering if all these items really make a difference.  Publishing on my own on a limited budget I am examining all my options.  I can see the point of having something for giveaways other than gift cards but is it worth the cost?

Saving Cassie

 So, what are your thoughts?  To swag or not to swag...


  1. Hi. Bookmarks can be used as more than swag. You can pass them out like business cards. I told my eye doctor I was thinking of publishing a book, and she told me I could leave flyers or literature in her waiting room. "Everyone out there has a Kindle," she said. I would get bookmarks.

    And don't forget you can make your own ribbon bookmarks. Or make other items, like bracelets that fit your book. Tie them to the colors of your cover or something.

    Just think double-duty for your items. And hand-made items.

  2. To be honest, I enter most contests to get free e books or gift cards, however I will tell you I am more likely to buy a new author's works if the price is right. I know that authors put a lot of time and heart into the works, but with the increase in Indie authors I find that I had to set myself up a budget for books. When I can get one free it is great but I will also spend a couple bucks if the description is great. I hope this helps some.

    PS the other big draw for me is signed books. I have decided I need to have a collection of them.

  3. Hi Lori, As an avid reader and lover of indie authors, I enter a lot contests...because if I can get a book for free then oh yea!! I have also won swag items, gift cards and a couple of signed paperbacks. I typically use my Kindle to read so I enjoy the swag items but it mostly gets put in a drawer. I have seen giveaways with special items-like jewelry pieces, mugs, etc. But honestly, free books and gift cards seem to go over really well. What you might want to do is enlist other authors and book bloggers to add items to your giveaway. Its a way for them to get their name out there too!!