Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reviews, reviews, reviews - Calling everyone with a blog

It's 19 days until the release of Invisible, a contemporary romance. This is my second book and I am looking forward to this release.

I have learned so much since the release of Saving Cassie back in October. Invisible has been fully edited professionally and my editor, Kathy Lapeyre, has given me tons of tips to make my writing better!

I am looking for review blogs or author blogs willing to review Invisible or to post about the release.  ARCs should be ready to go some time this week and I am hoping to get some reviews up by release day. If you are willing to help out or you know a blogger that would be interested, please email me at or message me on my Facebook author page.

Also, I will be setting up a release day party so if you would like to donate anything it would be appreciated. Watch my Facebook author page for details.

Thank you, everyone, for all the love and support I have received during this incredible journey.


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