Sunday, June 29, 2014

Time For My Two Cents...

Gay marriage. It's a hot topic here in Indiana right now - the ban on gay marriage was ruled as unconstitutional by the supreme court. I've shared pictures supporting gay marriage and I will continue to do so. I have a cousin who is gay and I believe she has the right to be married to her partner the same as I do.

Today, I sat in church and listened to the head pastor talk about this issue and how this church is opposed to it. I've ignored the few references I've heard at church about it - I disagreed with them but I thought I could live with the comments. The pastor went on to say that this church is anti-gay marriage and that anyone who believes differently is not really welcome (at least that's how it came across). Basically, he said he was in charge so that's the way it was going to be and that any members who decided they did not believe that gay marriage is wrong needs to talk to him about it. I don't need him to tell me what to believe. I believe in God, but I do not blindly believe what someone tells me to believe.

The sad part is I liked this church. I've been attending for about two years and had seriously considered becoming a member earlier this year but something held me back. Now, I realize the comments against gay marriage bothered me more than I wanted to admit.

There are quite a few people that I will miss seeing on a weekly basis but I cannot ignore what is in my heart. Now, the search is on for a new church to attend...

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