Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why I’m Not Jumping On The TSU Bandwagon

There’s been a lot of buzz about the new social media site TSU and how “everyone” is jumping over there from Facebook. I’m not convinced that a new social media site is the best use of my time. Facebook is already a big time-suck. Why would I sign up for another?

The indie author community is up in arms that Facebook is going to start charging for you to make sales posts. Hmmm… Yes, it’s a bummer but can you blame them? It should be no surprise, over the last couple of years organic post reach has dwindled for pages to almost nothing. We were all used to running around on Facebook posting “Buy My Book” but how much did that really help our sales? Facebook is a SOCIAL media site, not a free advertising site. We all shout that Facebook is greedy but what other type of business lets you use their product for free to sell your product? It’s time we indies pulled up our big girl panties and faced the fact that the age of promoting our books for free is drawing to a close. Yes, it’s expensive to promote our books and finding new ways to promote without spending a fortune will be hard. We are creative, we can do it!

Let’s put it this way. Up until I ran a free/$.99 promotion this month I was lucky if my royalty payments were $10. That’s right, even with all the posts on Facebook my book sales stunk. It boils down to the fact that you get what you pay for – free posting gets you a lot of nothing. For my promotion I spent about $40 for my free book to be listed on some websites and included in some emails by sites that specialize in free/cheap ebooks. Over 5 days my free book was downloaded over 17K times and I sold over 100 copies of my $.99 ebook. For an author that was lucky to sell 50 books per year that is HUGE!

So, I will continue to connect with readers on Facebook but I am not convinced that social media is the best use of my time and/or advertising dollars.

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Happy reading!

L.A. Remenicky

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