Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Found A New Procrastination Tool!

This week I broke down and finally signed up on Pinterest. I can see this being a big time sucker - I will definitely have to limit my time on this. Pinning is WAY too easy and scrolling through pictures is much more fun than scrolling through my Facebook feed.

If you want to see what interests me, Pinterest is the place to do it.
Meanwhile, it's been slow going on Ragan's Song but I am making progress. Saving Cassie is off with my editor - I know she'll take good care of it. When we are done it will just shine!
I hope you have been enjoying the Friday 5 #RockingSummerRomance posts. I love being able to help out other authors. Having readers find our books is hard so every little bit helps.

Another thing that helps: "Likes" on our Amazon Author Page. If you haven't already please go and give mine a like: more likes = more exposure. As long as you have an Amazon account you can like my author page.

My Amazon Author Page
That's all I have time for tonight - Fairfield Corners is calling my name...
Until next time,
PS: Don't forget about the dual cover reveal party on August 9!

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