Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22 #Writemotivation

Egads, has it been a week already? Last week was not a good week for working on my author gig. I slacked off and spent most of my week off from my "real" job in Maryland visiting with my sister and her family. One of my nephews had his 6th birthday while we were there - I was happy to be able to celebrate with him. He was also very proud that we all got to see him win the Junior Camper of the week award at day camp.

While in Maryland, went to check out Antietam. All I can say is wow! The history is amazing and I did get an idea for another novel in my Fairfield Corners series. So, I guess the trip was a good thing for the author gig.

The bridge is one of the battle sights at Antietam. The tree is known as The Witness Tree - it was a sapling when the battle took place.

Now, for the update...

1. Finish writing Ragan's Song

Didn't really have a chance to work on Ragan's Song last week. I think I have figured out how it will end so I should be getting some writing done this week.

2.  Find four more authors or bloggers to guest host or donate prizes for the cover reveal party.

No progress with this last week.

3. Rewrite/revise last chapter of Saving Cassie.

Done! I have sent the revisions to my editor.

4.  Work with my editor on Saving Cassie.

Hopefully starting on this soon! I am at the mercy of my editor's schedule now.

The wasn't a complete loss - I did get to check one goal as complete. Yay me!

Until next week...

L.A. Remenicky


  1. Every once in a while you have to stop and enjoy life!

  2. Sounds like you had fun *and* had some writer inspiration at the same time! I'd be happy to offer an e-book prize for your giveaway if you'd like.

    I don't know why it won't pick up my Wordpress account, but it's

    1. That's wonderful. Thank you so much! Please email me at